Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Edinburgh, UL

Edinburgh, UL = University Library: Centre for Research Collections, 30 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ, United Kingdom*

  • Edinburgh University Library. Manuscript collections in the Main Library, a users' guide. Library Guide 51, revised March 1995 [ca. 30.000 MSS].
  • Borland, Catherine R.: A descriptive Catalogue of the Western mediaeval Manuscripts in Edinburgh University Library. Edinburgh 1916 [Shelfmark H 6. Describes selected MSS 1-230. Fully checked].
  • Neil Ripley Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, vol. 2, 1977 [continues Borland's catalogue from MS 300 to MS 331. The respective pages are bound as a separate book and placed in the catalogue shelf of the Department of Special Collections in the University Library. [Title on the spine: “Medieval MSS. (E.U.L.) 1977, Ker” shelfmark H 7].
  • “General index to MSS” [use the first copy!]. Typewritten slips in 180 sheaf binders in the Atrium of the Manuscripts Reading Room, small format, alphabetical. This is the main finding aid for MSS shelf marked with Upper case letter plus Lower case letter plus two series of Digits. It is chiefly a names' index, but also contains a number of subject entries. It covers all series of manuscripts. Additions to the sheaves were made until 1987. I spot-checked this index. Be on your guard: there also exists a second copy of this series of sheaf binders, but the first copy contains more information than the second one.
  • “Guardbook Catalogue”. Catalogue of pre-1985 acquisitions since the foundation of Edinburgh UL in 1580, in black binders in folio-format. To this is appended an “Index to MSS”, published in three volumes 1964 and 1981: Edinburgh University Library. Index to Manuscripts. Vol. 1-2 Boston 1964, and first Supplement 1981. This is a photo-reproduced copy of the index slips of the “General index to MSS” in 180 sheaf binders, mentioned above. Available at Edinburgh UL, shelved as an appendix to the “Guardbook Catalogue”, mentioned above, in the Reference Section adjacent to the Department of Manuscripts.
  • Index volumes to the Laing MSS, in part printed by the Historical Manuscripts Commission. Copies are held in the Manuscript Reading Room. David Laing was librarian of the Signet Library in the 19th c. He was good friends with the director of a paper mill who allowed him to forage in the loads of waste paper which were brought to the mill for recycling. This was the main source of the very important collection of manuscripts relating to Scottish history and legal history which Laing brought together and bequeathed to the University Library
  • Checklists for specific subject areas [Nothing on law]