Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Aberdeen, UL

Aberdeen, UL = Special Collections Centre, The Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen, Bedford Road, Aberdeen AB24 3FX, United Kingdom*

  • JAMES, Montague Rhodes: A Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts in the University Library Aberdeen. Cambridge 1932. [up to MS 1009, but skipping many, and many others are but summarily mentioned. Fully seen].
  • There exists an inventory in small sheaf binders “Manuscripts, numerical”. They provide summary descriptions [to MS 2681. Fully seen]. This inventory was thereafter continued in an online catalogue, accessible under the internet address, with a link to "online catalogue to the archives and manuscripts".
  • Online descriptions of MSS must be called up individually, by typing the pertinent shelfmark number into a search field "Reference number", and the number must be preceded by characters "ms" plus one blank. Some Aberdonian shelfmark numbers are subdivided by slashes, for multiple volumes (for instance: "ms 3066/3/1/1"). Yet, the online catalogue also shows all subdivisions when the main shelfmark number is searched for. In the example above it would thus suffice to type "ms 3066", and the entire series of volumes under number 3066 would appear on the computer screen, and this would also include the above mentioned sample shelfmark 3066/3/1/1. In March 2009, shelfmarks had reached the number 3807. The online catalogue thus constituted the only means of access for already one third of the collection, by that time. Furthermore, the online catalogue also describes certain selected items with shelfmark numbers below 2681.
  • Descriptive list of miscellaneous accessions [detailed typewritten descriptions for selected MSS, in A 4 binders. Most of these MSS contain collections gifted by families, and they usually contain only letters and documents, thus no works of literature]