Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Vaticano, BAV, Ross. lat. 716

Century: XIII (a.1253)

Number of folios: iv et 238

Material: memb.

Scribe(s) / Possessor(s):

  • Ludovicus de Garsis (fol. 226v) (Possessor)

Cover: Descriptio codicis:</p> <p> [Berkeley Vatican Project 1974-1991:] The writing on fol. I-VIII is in a tiny Gothic hand. Initials, running down the margins, are present only in draft. There are extensive contemporary marginal annotations. The works on fol. 1-225 are in a different though similar hand, and, except for Azo's Quaestiones, have regular corrections and considerable contemporary annotations. Azo's Summa Codicis has historiated initials at the beginning of the preface and of the title De summa trinitate and subsequent books. Chapters begin with elaborately filigreed capitals. The next works through fol. 225 have similar decoration except for Azo's Quaestiones, whose capitals are missing. The final piece, fol. 227-36, is in a different small Gothic hand, with similar decoration but, it seems, by a different artist. This work is uncorrected. There are abundant additions.</p> <p> In the margins of fol. 192r, and all over 192v, there are cursive legal notations. Besides the quaestio on fol. 226r there is a note about peace, in the same hand. The verso contains many proverbs and medicinal formulas. At the bottom of fol. 226v there is the notation 'Hic liber est mei Ludovici de Garsis', in a medieval hand. Fol. 237v is blank except for the notation 'Valea (leg. valeant?) leges, valea canones'. Fol. 238v is blank except for a code of some sort at the top, comprising numbers, letters, dots, and symbols, and, at the bottom, the name Ludovicus de Garsis. Catchwords are decorated at the lower right

Catalogue(s): Schedario generale cumulativo

Analyzed by: Weimar*; Berkeley workgroup 'Juridical MSS in the Vatican Library'

Microfilm(s): MsF Frankfurt MPI 1585;