Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Berkeley, CA, Robbins Coll., 312

Century: XII.2

Number of folios: 241

Material: memb.

Height: 435

Width: 260

Region and Place of Production: Italia

Fascicles: Quaterniones

Scribe(s) / Possessor(s):

  • London, Sotheby's, sale at auction in 2012. On fol. 240v number in pencil: 474 (= numbering in auction's list of sales?) (Possessor)
  • Poznań, Biblioteka Seminaryjna (Archiwum Archidiecezjalne), MS 11 (Possessor)

Cover: Bookspine medieval, in leather. Wooden boards. Their inner half might still be medieval wood, but their outer half was added in recent decades. In the spine: a recycled scrap of a manuscript of Corpus iuris can be seen, Italian, late 12th century, visible in the gap between fol. 2 and 4.</p> <p> Heavy damage from fol. 226 onward: partial loss of written parchment. Gaps in parchment have fire-blackened edges.</p> <p> The characteristics of the MS match those of a MS previously kept in Poznań, Biblioteka Seminarijna, MS 11, described by Lisiecki in 1905. In 1941 the provisional German administration of Poznań took the MS out, but no record of this event survives. It is only recorded (by Taubenschlag, Vetulani and Aland) that in times after 1945 the library no longer possessed this MS. Evidence shows that it was obviously entrusted to a book-restorer who made various interventions of repair.

Catalogue(s): Lisiecki 294; Aland 52

Literature quoting this MS: Taubenschlag, Einflüsse 9; Vetulani, Atti accursiani III 1297-1299; kind communication by Laurent Mayali in 2012

Analyzed by: Dolezalek*