Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Berkeley, CA, Robbins Coll., 7

Century: XIII in.

Number of folios: 82

Material: memb.

Height: 285

Width: 185

Region and Place of Production: Italia

Fascicles: Quaterniones

Scribe(s) / Possessor(s):

  • Phillipps MS 6331 (Possessor)
  • Jacques Rosenthal, a.1935 (Possessor)
  • Otto H.V. Vollbehr, Washington (Possessor)
  • Henry Drury (a.1822, saec. XIX in.) (Possessor)
  • John Howell, a.1956 (Possessor)

Cover: Binding from 1822, leather (with pressed ornaments) on cardboard

Catalogue(s): Florea 11

Analyzed by: Dolezalek*