Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Innsbruck, Ferdinandeum, F.B. 32143/1

Century: IX.2

Number of folios: 2

Material: memb.

Region and Place of Production: Francia(?)

Previous shelf mark(s): Dip. 973 (collection of fragments) - see that shelfmark!

Scribe(s) / Possessor(s):

  • Abbatia Müstair OSB (Helvetia orientalis) (Possessor)
  • Antonius Roschmann (a.1694-1760), archivist and librarian in Innsbruck. He also worked in the archive of the Benedictine abbey in the valley of Müstair - which for some years belonged to Tirol (Possessor)

Catalogue(s): (with references to literature)

Analyzed by: Dolezalek*