Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Cambridge, UL, Kk.1.5

Century: XVI.1 (the juridical texts)

Scribe(s) / Possessor(s):

  • Jacobus Logan (the juridical parts, see last leaf of part 8) (Possessor)

Cover: the MS contained extracts of law together with poetry and theology. Its previous binding was recently dissolved, and the sheets are now kept as follows.</p> <p> The main section contains parts 1-4 and 8-9, placed in a single box. Parts 5-6 are bound as a separate entity, and so is part 7. The leaves in the last part of the volume were re-arranged, and the decision how to re-arrange them was obviously changed several times. A microfilm of this MS in its previous state exists at Edinburgh, UL, Special Collections, shelfmark Mic.M. 16/2</p> <p> Watermark: tower, 55 mm high (part 8, fol. 11, 29)

Literature quoting this MS: Dolezalek, Scotland under Jus Commune, vols. 1 and 3

Analyzed by: Dolezalek*