Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Venezia, BNMarciana

Venezia, BNMarciana = Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venezia, Italy

Manuscripts at Venice, BNM, are listed with fourfold numbering:

(1) the shelfmark = language, thereafter either 'Z.' or a Roman numeral, and then arabic numerals,

(2) the present location in the library's storage = arabic numerals,

(3) description in the catalogue by Valentinelli = volume and page,

(4) Valentinelli's internal numbering of manuscripts = Roman numerals, followed by arabic numerals.

Scholars often misunderstand Valentinelli's internal numbering to be the shelfmark.

  • A.M. Zanetti, Latina et Italica D. Marci Bibliotheca codicum manuscriptorum per titulos digesta. Venezia 1741. [Berlin, SBPK, HB Hss. Fot. 945] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • J. Morelli, Codices manuscripti latini Bibliothecae Nanianae. Venezia 1776. [Leiden, UB, West. Hss. 8 F] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • J. Valentinelli, Bibliotheca Manuscripta ad S. Marci Venetiarum. Venezia 1868-1873. [Ansbach, Regierungsbibl. I c 89] [Checked for Roman law only]