Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Vaticano, BAV, Vat.

Vaticano, BAV, Vat. = Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana [Fondo 'Vaticano' = 'Codices Vaticani'], Città del Vaticano, Vatican State

  • Codices Vaticani Latini. [Printed catalogues:] Vat. lat. 1-1266; Vat. lat. 1461-2192; 9852-11709; (and Summary catalogue: 14666-15203). [Typewritten catalogues:] 12848-14233 (and overlapping partial catalogues of these numbers by Ada Alessandrini and others). [Handwritten inventories:] 2193-9851 (numbered vol. IV-XIII), 11710-12847 (transferred here 'ex Archivio', 2 volumes); Vat. lat. 11414-11709].

    [Checked in 1970, for Roman law only]

  • Sesto Prete, The Codices Vaticani latini 11414-11709, in: Traditio 16 (1960) 522-529.

    [Checked for Roman law only]

  • Stephan Kuttner, Reinhard Elze: A catalogue of canon and Roman law manuscripts in the Vatican Library. Vol. 1-2, Città del Vaticano 1986-1987 (Studi e testi 322 and 328) [up to Vat. lat. 2935]. Draft materials for vol. 3 were published by Martin Bertram and Gero Dolezalek under The state of the project till 2013 was canvassed by Martin Bertram and Gero Dolezalek in the following article: The catalogue of juridical manuscripts in the Vatican Library: a report on the present state of an uncompleted project. – Miscellanea Bibliothecae Vaticanae 20 (2014) 155-198.