Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Berkeley, CA, Robbins Coll.

Berkeley, CA, Robbins Coll. = Robbins Collection, School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States of America*.

Acquisition of the items in the collection was financed by a Foundation established in 1952 by Lloyd McCullough Robbins

  • FLOREA, LuminiĊ£a: Catalogue of manuscripts in the Robbins Collection. Manuscripts 1-120. School of Law (Boalt Hall). University of California at Berkeley. [Computer-printed in 2001. Seen in the Library. Also available online,] [Not yet fully checked for data base 'Manuscripta juridica'].
  • Draft catalogue MSS 120-225 for internal use of the librarians. Computer printout [seen 2015 September]