Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Oxford, Bodleian L

Oxford, Bodleian L = Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG, United Kingdom*

  • Quarto Series, Catalogi Codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae. Pars secunda Codices Latinos et Miscellaneos Laudianos complectens, by Henry Octavius Coxe, Oxford 1858-1885 [Checked for Roman law only]
  • Hermann Kantorowicz, Catalogue of common and civil law medieval manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, unfinished, arranged in the order of Summary Catalogue numbers. [Oxford, Bodleian L, MS Lat.misc.d.71 = Materialien, gesammelt 1938-1939. Microfilm im MPI] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • Otto Pächt/J.J.G.Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford. Vol.II, Italian School. Oxford 1970. [Frankfurt, UB, HB 22] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • Albinia de la Mare, Catalogue of the Collection of medieval manuscripts bequeathed to the Bodleian Library Oxford by James P.R.Lyell. Oxford 1971. [Utrecht, UB, Handschriften-Leeszaal T.E.ox.8, ausgewertet durch Hans Van de Wouw [Checked for Roman law only]
  • Latin Bodleian Manuscript Fragments, in: Bodleian Quarterly Record 3 (1920-1922) 19-22. [Berlin, SBPK, Ao 9743/50] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • The Bodleian Library Record 3 (1950-1951). [Frankfurt, UB, HM 6: Z 165] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • F.Madan/H.H.E. Craster/N.Denholm-Young/R.W.Hunt, A Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been described in the Quarto Series. Vol.I-VI, Oxford 1895-1953. [Frankfurt, UB, HB 22. Durchgesehen wurden nur diejenigen Einträge, die Kantorowicz als juristisch erkannt hatte und in seinem Katalog berücksichtigen wollte (vgl. die Liste dort auf p.136)] [Checked for Roman law only]
  • Checklist of medieval manuscripts acquired since 1916: MSS. Holkham misc. [Published on the internet medieval/mss/holkham.htm#misc and ... medieval/chklst/chkholkm.htm] [Checked for Roman law only]