Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

LOCATION = Glasgow, Mitchell L

Glasgow, Mitchell L = Mitchell Library (Public Library of Glasgow), North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN, United Kingdom*

  • Catalogue of Manuscripts. [Typewritten, in numerical order of MSS from 1 to 252. Incomplete, for two reasons. Firstly, some MSS have not yet been given a 'MS' number. They only have an 'Accession' number. Secondly, not all MSS with a 'MS' number are described in this catalogue. It has gaps.
  • Old catalogue of manuscripts. [Copy of an old alphabetical card file, kept up to date by handwritten additions. It exists in two copies. Reference is usually made to the manuscripts' Accession Number - a number only consisting of digits, usually four or five digits. The Librarians find the physical location of MSS by consulting their internal index of locations: it is arranged by 'Accession' numbers.

    The 'Accession' Numbers were attributed to individual items in the volumes. As it frequently happens, a particular volume may contain several separate items. Such MSS then treated as a series of 'Accession' Numbers. For instance, Accessions 187631-187634 physically constitute one volume = they are bound together in one volume.

    In the Catalogue, the digits of the Accession Number are often preceded by some letter, e.g. "A”, or "C”, or "M”. These letters should be ignored. They originate from some previous scheme of classification which is no longer in use.

    Furthermore, the Catalogue contains yet another kind of obsolete information: pencil marks in the upper right corner of each entry tell where the MS happened to be physically located at the time when the Catalogue was made (example: 'SR 177').