Manuscripta juridica

[Principal Investigator: G. R. Dolezalek]

Apparatus ad Decretum Gratiani


  • Johannes Teutonicus (Zemeke)

Apparatus ad Decretum Gratiani . A dense apparatus, penned in black ink by a professional scribe. The text of many glosses matches the apparatus of Johannes Teutonicus (Zemeke) (compared in its reworked version by Bartholomaeus Brixiensis, in the printed edition Venetiis 1584). Yet the fragment here also has other glosses. Some of them, on C.7-C.8, match texts in the 'Apparatus Palatinus' (compared in MS Vaticano, BAV, 568). Some glosses quote 'B.', but only one gloss ends with a siglum: namely La. = Laurentius Hispanus, at the end of Decr.Grat. C.10 q.1 c.7, ad v. 'tertia pars'. The text of this gloss also exists in the printed edition of Glossa ordinaria, but there it has a siglum 'B'

Author(s): Johannes Teutonicus (Zemeke) et alii

No. of pages: (item 2)